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Happy Bastille Day.

Musique, Best-Of Génération Consciente et Spéciale Maya Angelou - Couleurs  tropicales
Maya Angelou, poet and activist (1928 – 2014)

There are no black or white.

There are good and bad everywhere. I know very good black men, they helped me rising high; I also know black assholes, they have been putting me very down. The same stands for WHITE. Sure I have Italian roots, but I have chosen to work and live in France, since 14 years NOW. This country has given me a future, except the price for freedom has been pretty high too. As an expat woman, I have been working during night shifts to pay my bills. I have been sleeping on a bare carpet, because my previous relationship ended really bad. BUT I have learned to own my shit. I have learned to see behind the skin color and blue eyes.

My book is my GIVE BACK to #frenchfirefighters #frenchspecialforces #frenchpolicemen #frenchhealthcare and all the people that have BELIEVED in me without SEEING when I was very low. But it was not visible. They made me WHO I am TODAY. Take it as a prank, I wish next French President is a BLACK !!!!!! I bet, he would be a good one. Why not a BLACK WOMAN then? Anything is possible in 2021. Happy Bastille Day. @parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite

My ebook is for FREE until Friday on Amazon. Check link on bio. And GOD BLESS America;) (and France)

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