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Bastille Day Campaign 2021: The Sun Also Rises.

(2,5 minutes lecture)

Since 9/11/2001 the Western World has been caught in an ever-intensifying “state of alert” maelstrom due to terrorist attacks of unprecedented violence, both planned and improvised, which have left not only the feeling of horror but also of great helplessness. In 2019 a deaf French computer technician stabbed four colleagues in the Paris Police Prefecture in front of Notre Dame Cathedral for no apparent reason other than his frustration with his handicap that had apparently blocked his professional development. His Facebook page indicated suspicious affiliations with Islamic radicalism. Similar to the perpetrators of the events at the Twin Towers in New York, the “enemies” turned out to be one already among us, born and raised in Western society. The fear of a virus in the system spread like an oil spill and fed off of repeated stabbings throughout Europe. In October of the same year, the 53-year-old “scooter hero” who attacked the terrorist truck driver on the Nice waterfront three years earlier tried to take his own life after barricading himself in his home, only to be saved by special agents of RAID and finally hospitalized. He was suffering from survivor’s syndrome. The truck that he tried to stop with his bare hands eventually killed 86 people and injured 400.
Preamble from PTSD : My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way. The ebook will be for FREE from 12th to 16th July, 2021 as “launch special offer”.
Bastille Day Campaign has two main goals:
• 1. Spreading awareness about PTSD and mental health in cooperation with Airforce veterans, first responders, and civilians who have been through major traumas and feel a need to share their recovery journeys or reach out to professionals for help. Open up is a damn first step for badass (helpline resources on
• 2. Racing for Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award 2021, a £20,000 literary prize recognising outstanding writing, which would mean next stage to French translation and New campaigns of service on social media around the globe.
Diana White is a “friend of Shakespeare and Company”, in Paris, one of Hemingway’s cherished cafes and bookstore, since 1919, and supports the healing journey of combat veteran groups in partnership with Warrior Quest USA, FL.
Grab your ebook here from Monday 12th to Friday 16th July, 2021:

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