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Wabi Sabi and the Art of Imperfection.

** Typos and misprints : the imperfection makes it collectible **

In a world where we are being constantly exposed to social media, new products and services, technology and the need to always improve ourselves, it can be difficult for us to STOP, look around and appreciate what we ALREADY have.

Same is for self-publishing !!!! Wabi sabi is a Japanese philosophy that finds and values beauty in embracing imperfection. It is not the inner critic sabotaging me, I hope so, it is more the will to be in coehrence with what I preach.

You can’t figure out how many proofreading Joe and I have been doing. It is not enough. I still need @karltearney to approve a last one … but it’s okay, my hives tell me to stop what I am doing !!! Too much stress. Enough is enough ….. I need to relax without editing my pdf file in my mind !!!! (409 pages can drive a real writer nuts!!!!)

So I decided to make the best of it 😉 The FIRST 1000 copies sold (for a start!!!!) will keep the typos and few, very few misprints…..

“When typos and mistakes appear, they’re usually corrected quickly, sometimes even during printing. This makes them extraordinarily appealing to collectors, who want to own the very first copies of a work, says Vasilis Terpsopoulos, manager of the rare book department at New York City’s Strand Books.”

I am out !!! Paperback and KINDLE ebook available NOW !!!!



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