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** Paperback and Kindle ebook Under review: teaser **

It all began in Paris.

It was November 2019 when I was sitting in a bistrot café: Shakespeare&Co., the beatnik alcova cherished by Hemingway and Kerouac in the Sixties.

November 2019, Paris, Shakespeare &Co. Bookstore

The bartender girl let me take a photo of her shoulder tatoo. It was four years I did not spend a visit to the City or taken any photographs at all. No reason to share moments for tomorrow. TBF I was like frozen. Now, a phoenix tatoo in an English bookstore? I’ve taken it as a sign.
My writing was just started, but I was still alone and I thought that my story on her own would not make a great impact, as I hoped for such a topic (PTSD). I needed more, someone who could feel, see and hear. A perfect match for an Italian artistic type, a perfect match for a Parisian Sparkle!!!!

Phoenix tatoo

Am I supporting the right cause? @warriorquestusa Who cares about CRAZY veterans?
So what did get me here? @parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite

PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I met Along the Way (+ 18) is on sale and available in paperback and ebook on Amazon NOW – June 29 for new upload!!

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