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They were called Flappers.

Raiponce was already one of my fave Princess, first because – in the Disney movie not the original fairytale!! – she frees herself on her own, and second because at a point in the story, she got her hair cut short and dark!!! (blondies go home;-) During that time short hair on a woman was considered an embarrassment, and was used as a form of punishement. The most famous in history with hair cut as symbol of strenght and courage was certainly Joan of Arc.

In the 1790s, following the French Revolution. Cropped hair for women was a way of showing support for those who were guillotined during the Reign of Terror. **The 1920s was a time of great change.** It was the end of a war, people were exhaling. Women’s Suffrage (fight for voting rights) was growing powerful. Jazz music was emerging after centuries of classical. Young women were tired of being restrained, told what to do and not do. They wanted to have some fun, go dancing, smoke cigarettes, drink cocktails and rebel against the repressive society that raised them. Cutting off all their long, hair was more daring and rebellious then than wearing a green Mohawk today. They were called Flappers and they showed a lot of skin and, stayed out late and drove the elders crazy. They were finally living their own lives and doing what they wanted, not what others wanted of them. @parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite #booklaunch #shorthaircut #shorthair #shorthairstyle #raiponcehair #fairytalesdocometrue #disneyprincess #letsplay #wonderwarriorproject #ptsdstoriesmatter

Diana before becoming Wonder Woman.

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