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Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and PTSD: any relationship?

My Italian journey ends soon, and I unfortunately have to say “happily”.

Symptoms : nightmares, anger outburst (once is too much in two weeks, I suppose), and now urticaria. I had to go to first aid to get treatment…

My skin not only rebels to sun rays (too long being home in the darkness!!!!!), but also encreases with the presence of my father. Do not misunderstand me, please. I love my dad, I have been missing him for long, during pandemic. He was sick the day he should collect me at the airport, because of POOR emotional stress management !!!!

The fact is, since my chronic illness linked to PTSD, and therefore any stressors, my body somatizes as soon as there is any emotional conflict in the air. And I swear, family is not my place to be for me. Very simple.

What urticaria tells you, and it speaks out loud, it deals with your emotional frustration about expression of your needs. Old patterns. Old stories I am no more willing to listen (with my surprise).

I need to be SEEN.
I need to be VALIDATED.

I need someone entering my pain and HEAR the screams. Or rather silence?
(I might consider hypnotherapy with @remasteryourmind next time)

Showing SOON.

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Chronic urticaria (CU) belongs to a group of psychodermatological disorders, thus stress can play a significant role in this dermatosis onset and/or exacerbation. On the other hand, the disease itself accompanied by itch, may be a source of distress and could worsen patients’ quality of life


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