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Scientific evidence of Spiritual Awakening?

So you have been struggling with waking hours too… uh, what a sinchronicity!!It must be a coincidence. What the hell happens at 3 AM? Is there any particular spiritual meaning in waking up, from 3 to 4, like in daylight? When everything is STILL?
Well, I HEAR you.
Insomnia played a big role in my …should I say “awakening” process? Long term chronic stress exposure (poor lifestyle and traumatic events/complex PTSD) have been among the main factors that have lighted up the spark in my sleepless nights at 3 AM.
My doctor diagnosed a sleep burnout in September 2016. Tremors and shaking legs at night made me feeling powerless. I remember sitting in front of him when time FINALLY broke up with me. That moment when you are told “Your tea flavour will be your next task to choose in a week” (became weeks, months…).
Oups, I don’t even drink tea 🙂

Hecate (Character) - Comic Vine
Prime Earth, Wonder Woman DC Comics

In mythology the witching hour reminds of Hecate, the Goddess of the Dark Night. Symbols: torch, barn owls, keys and crossroad (life choices).
NOW, what about the scientific? is there any relationships between becoming more self-aware and …..cortisol arousal? Hecate appears in Persephone’s myth (Wonder Woman comics testify!!), but much has been lost.

Hecate runs a gauntlet - Battles - Comic Vine

How can stress hormons affect our body and mind? Is this curve at 3 AM – when cortisol level gets higher – a mere coincidence?
Is there any reference to kundalini awakening? Uh, uh ……..
How far can we go? Is this cortisol pattern something missing in our culture?
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