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Know Who You Are.

** Know Who You Are **

I remember that time called Dark Night of the Soul where anything is pushing you and saying : “I don’t care if you feel ready, the time is right NOW!”.

Truth is the more shit you have been through… the more you can help others. Know what’s yours and what is others. Set boundaries. They are your tools (most childhood traumas come from abusive environments where boundaries are very thin…).

A training to mastery.

It’s important to understand that any hardship you go through is your training ground for mastery. Without these challenges, there’s no way to develop the dynamism and strength you need to become the human healing presence you are now. It’s what the world most needs.

Your immense sensitivity means this can exhaust you, so it’s really, really important for you to create boundaries and protect your own energy field from psychic vampires.

Pythagoras was an astrologer, numerologist, musician, philosopher and spiritually enlightened guru from ancient Greece.
The Pythagorean Numerology is an exciting way to learn about the world around you and the role you play.

@parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite would like to thank @nazim.artist for sharing his art with such a selflessness, and for the great good.

Picture: Chiron known as the Wounded Healer in Astrology, is recognised as the hybrid Man-Horse or Centaur. His Mythic Symbolism has had profound esoteric influence upon astrological systems and classical Western Mythology.

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