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And the (Pulitzer) winner goes to… Darnella.

wonderwarrior74 It’s official, I WILL NEVER WIN A PULITZER PRIZE…

Photo above: George Floyd’s unlucky accident (murder is a judgement and I am not a judge). On 11th June, Darnella Frazier’s footage was deemed “transformative” by the Pulitzer Prize Board, in the United States of America.

Photo below: Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley was the first officer to respond to the shooting on March 22 2021, in Boulder, Colorado, he was tragically shot down by a “sociopath” (yes, this is judgemental, so what????). Whatever you may think, I hope you will not have same feeling of vomiting reading the news ….. Not here to nourish the BLM / Blue debate. Yes, I have been caught in “spicy” situations with Police, now I am writing a book to GIVE BACK. Yes, I am white and have been called ‘the white, the western’ by African co-workers. We share same values, and same bias. There is NO WHITE NO BLACK. There is respect, kindness, compassion, and total ignorance, jealousy, greed, mass manipulation.


Please, do not take my words against BLACK people, I am grateful to any colored people I have met on my path to recovery (any shade of black). They come from Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Mauritania, Ghana…… I would be curious to ask the Pulitzer mention winner to show me where these countries are on the globe map, and my next question would be: ‘Did you ever have racist thoughts about other black people? Like other black women in public transportation, or at school, in ordinary days’ Now, congrats on your Pulitzer, Mademoiselle. You made an impact. God bless social media. Inshalla.

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