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Dream big & keep your head Up for me.

Well, this Italian journey already started with signs #gooddaymraircorps. Two elements have caught my attention: kids and anything related with flying/dreaming big.
I admit that my first week home with family was tough. Before meeting them, in two years, I feared they got signs of AGING. Sure they do. Short memory is challenge. My mum got a knee surgery and need to walk very slow (she was a pretty good walker but she stills runs the house lol). My dad, oh well, he already failed in listening others, now he is deaf and dumb, but still hilarious (and grumpy!!!!!!!). As soon as I took possess of my old mansarda, I noticed three posters of Jules Verne on the wall. Uh! Jules Verne!!! Still a souvenir from my childhood, and Disneyland, of course… (Nautilus shows up in Discoveryland, really visiting downstairs was one dream come true!!) But it’s not finished, one of the three posters shows a hot air baloon, from Around the world in 80 days. It goes without saying, I am keeping seeing hot air baloons since several weeks. Why? Is there any spiritual meaning in hot air baloons? Should I pay attention to these signs linked to children, and UP in the air? Am I learning something there? Is it a good sign?
If you are interested in what hot air baloons might eventually tell you when you keep seeing them, I hear you 🙂
Safe travel and **Keep your head UP**Nell x

*** Balloons represent freedom as well. More specifically, the freedoms that we experience from obtaining our goals or letting go of the past.
You will be able to overcome your obstacles and rise to a new level of prominence and status. However, the hot air balloon suggests that your rise needs to be slow and steady. You need to rise and fall at a steady pace or you are likely to experience fatal crashes. Don’t try to rush yourself to achieve your goals.

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