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Frozen Times. Back to work?

These are strange time for workers. One of my ex coworkers who have been working with me during the trauma journey, called me to ask for advice. Some of my ex coworkers are asking me for advice. Uh? What happened?

Glad you asked :

times are a changing. And MANY are not ready for this change. So I am there to help them with fitting with the New.

Why me? Because I am AHEAD now !!!!

Learning new things is SCARY. Going out of comfort zone is FRIGHTENING. Paralasys is one of stress reactions called FREEZING.

Many of ex-coworkers who are called to go back to work now are just FROZEN !!!!

And I have been there ….FIRST (4 years of temporary missions due to my PTSD).

So, now that I am in a safe place, my friend says that “I like adventures.” Yes why I do. Well, I have no choice. In Italian we have a saying: O mangi la minestra o salti la finestra.

Take the new position, observe, learn the most that you can, and if you are not happy, TALK with someone of trust. Can be a manager, or union if you feel in danger. Or a doctor (if you are really bad and overwhelmed). And if you like it, and you want to stay, TALK. Your intention has to be HEARD.

FEAR is all is blocking you right now. You fear not to be skilled enough to get the new position. You fear you won’t get on with the new management. You wonder if there is any way out. Well, all depends on your INTENTION. Ask you a simple question: “Do you REALLY want the job?”

My story is about that courage. How I took my marks at workplace, to prove myself when all around me was dumb, and not seeing me in my recovery journey. Until they DID.

coming soon


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