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Turning yourself into stone: Medusa and Ego Death.

wonderwarrior74 The Myth of Medusa, in psychology, is refered to ego loss or ego death. Jung has defined it psychic death, but all the gurus of sixties who liked to play with psychedelics, used to call it “dissolution of self”. An alchemical process that anybody can go through. Really anybody? In psychology, terms like disregard and dissociation are common pathologies, or should I say, syndromes?

Since I am not a psychologist, I will let the pros do their job and correct me anytime. You are welcome. What I have experienced before the ego death process was certainly a sense of identity loss …. that kind of apathy when you just keep going on in pilot mode. When traumatic events came I was a wandering queen in a wasted land. But still a queen. You become disregarded and dissociated when you are objectified by others, and ultimately by yourself.

The mere experience of turning yourself into stone is speaking of separation within your emotional part from the rational. Feelings of pain and sorrow are too loud. You keep falling in the well of nowhere. This fall has an end ….. spluffff !!!!! It happens like in the cartoons, or superhero movies, when the hero grabs you in the air half way to death. Ego death is in short linked to your spiritual rebirth. Accepting the material world as such is part of the great work, your self transformation. Dropping your ego can give you the benefit to reborn anew to your awareness. Dissociating enables us to feel safe by becoming numb. In Western society “watching-without seeing becomes ‘the most dehumanizing of acts’”.

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