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Fear of failure: check!

Maybe it’s my black moon, or my Christian upbringing, but “sacrifice” has always been a sense of duty. The syndrome of “Jesus on the Cross”, as I say pranking. Ancient Greek have this metaphor in their myth, of course, I bet you heard of TITANISM … being alone carrying your mission …like Earth, or the Sky’s vault, on your shoulders.The myth here is trying to say 2 things:1. your mission is a failure ( you are JUST a man / or a woman )2. you can’t do it alone ( even Atlante gets help from Hercules, not just a nobody, but The Hero of Heroes!!!!!!! )
Have been reading more times about this myth, when I was finding my spark, in dark times… relating myself to my job career, while my world was shattered from inside out…
Greek knew that life is a “school”, you’d better be a fast learner, or a fast runner 🙂
Happy to say that I’ve failed as a runner.
Failure is the ONLY way to embrace yourself, to accept your flaws, and humble yourself in front of creation, and creator, right?
This is definitively a feminine quality, that even a “masculine Titan” needs to practice, if he wants to stop self-destructing, and socially suicide.
Travel light ! ps. I might have found the ULTIMATE title for my book ………. coming soon x
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