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How to find yourself: look better.

I won’t lie to you, I have never read Nietzsche, except quotes, nor I could stand Schopenhauer (the one who stated that men and women are just made to reproduce themselves by nature, and that’s it. No conflict. No marriage. No relationship. No growth… Love as an invention to sell Valentines).
They were terrific.

To make it short, IG-oriented, in Italy and France, 60s and 70s were great YEARS to share thoughts about philosophy (read about May 68 revolution).

American literature and counterculture imported philosophical thought of Buddhism, and Germans like Herman Hesse were icons !!! (Siddharta, 1922).

“Intellectual” is often misleaded as adjective, it reminds to theoretical concepts hard to catch when you have a logical mind (the one who can calculate so well and earn money for the future).

I didn’t feel any empathy for so-called intellectuals in Sixties and Seventies, they felt so distant from reality, and masturbated about utopic worlds. Not that useful. They were so full of ideology, which have led to the same dictatures than idealists (ex-Russia is the perfect example). Intellectuals also were very bourgeois, posh, and functioned like masonry, like a spiritual sect. You were IN, or you were OUT. If your thinking was contrary to the whole Thought community, you didn’t fit in. So, as a free thinker (I should have marry Bertrand Russell) you will NEVER fit in.

What’s the point of this IG post then?
There is any.

Pure useless unemployed and free porn thinking.

Have a good Sunday and read Nietszche for me (hate write his name).

WW74 x

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