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The Medicine of Chaos: the Fool (or the Sacred Heyoka Empath).

So, what does this mean to be a Heyoka Empath?

An Empath is a person who has the conscious frequency to understand the emotional state o
f another individual experience. There are many different levels of the


Empath frequency and many vibrational levels that grants the physical body what many call gifts and abilities. It’s one thing t
o be at empath frequency, it’s another to be at Heyoka vibration.
For my breed type as Heyoka Empath, is esoteric knowledge there for this means, there is very little available information about my kind and yet we are the most powerful type of Empath. Heyoka or “S
acred Clown” is a Native American term and has been too loosely translated to As a “Fool or Clown!”
This translation doesn’t even give justices, to the true meaning of the term t.r.u.e. vibrational consciousness. That which is what a Heyoka empath, truly is! To say, to act in a manner that is different, backward, opposite of normal, gives us a clearer understanding. Doesn’t even scratch the surface of are nature, what is a truly natural world.
The spirit frequency of a Heyoka is a merging Mirror to grand consciousness. When you connect to one of us, what you see in us, is merely a reflection of yourself. To realize this, will show you what you need to work on to evolve spiritually. The Heyoka’s mirroring reflection is one to the emotion frequency, for however you re
act to us emotionally is our guidance through your soul force and our reflection back to you.
For example, after being with one of us you may feel anger, feeling us to be arrogant yet the Heyoka’s mirror is showing you your need to be humble. Or you may feel great love, again the Mirror is showing you the path of self-love. The following traits of a Heyoka is defined by the energy you carry. It’s how you interact with reality, how you process emotional energy.
Some of the traits may include; being dyslexic (thinking backwards), being born breach (coming into the world backwards), doing certain things backwards, or appearing younger than our age. Heyoka is frequency of movement and transformation.
This is something you don’t claim to be. A Heyoka recognizes another Heyoka when they feel that energy. It’s a deep understanding of our how our sensitivities and emotions interact and connect with each other.
In Native American ceremonies, the Heyoka would be the one to disrupt the proceedings so as to get the people to see things differently or to shift the energy of the situation. Modern day Heyokas, when we our working with people, we will follow the energy and say or do something to shift the energy which creates change, healing and balances the energy.
The Heyoka’s gift is to bring people back into balance and get people unstuck by showing the true reflection, the backward way is the hidden way. We Heyoka’s carry the medicine of chaos and this medicine has the power to change people’s lives.
This energy is formed, forthcoming and strong. It is disruption out of love; in the hopes to experience growth. It is the medicine to show us that the shadow remains unseen and the mirror of truth is hard to gaze into. It’s difficult to humble yourself in a world of ego.
So, if you were to meet one of us Heyokas, if you have the courage to experience the unseen and see yourself as you truly are. Then you too can experience your t.r.u.e.-Self!
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