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Diana Speaks Podcast: Diana Reads… My Name is Sinead O’Connor.

Shuhada' Davitt, formerly known as Sinéad O'Connor
My name is Sinead O’Connor

Oh, you will read alot on Sinead O’Connor, on Wikipedia, and on gossipy newspapers. I will skip the religious buzz. I have been a fan of Sinead since I was a teenager. To be frank, I had lost her track until 2016, when she was missing in Chicago for 24 hours. My friend warned me: “Didn’t you hear? she has gone mad”. I went on the internet and found her video where she is showing her mental illness. She was not in a good place. I felt instant empathy for her. As bipolar teenager, I knew what she could have been through, but I wanted to know more. Her true story is about child abuse and torture. Her mother needed real help and Ireland was still unfamous in 90s for mental health care. Her true story tells about a wrong treatment for her mental health. She was finally not bipolar, but needed to heal her childhood trauma. I am fully confident that Sinead will be soon back on the stage, in 2021, and joining this amazing advocating community.


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