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The Power of Attention.

What’s up readers?

I hope that you are all doing well. How do you keep active and busy if you are not working? How do you cut off from digital tools and social media?

To be honest with you, my mental health has been in a dark place recently, I associate this blues with the pandemic and January law batteries that puts my energy down under my feet. In this season, I feel like animals, I need more sleep. And I likely put on more weight.

Gimme a break

In order to cope with fatigue, I am doing my best to integrate my diet with vitamins (C,D) and spiruline (iron and B12) and royal jelly or magnesium. My immune system played me a joke. It’s not Covid which worries me most, I am more vulnerable with bacteria.

If you want to share any formulas that you find useful in this winter time, please, feel free to share with me.

SEO and Google upgrade of last December. Damn !

For your further information, last December, Google heavily penalised my SEO traffic, right after my business plan upgrade and change of vintage style. That means that since I have put more money and energy in my website, the less outcome I received in terms of visibility.

Oh, well, my Instagram is pretty enjoyable, I am making fun with it, but the difference will be made by the publishing of my work.

Despite of upsetting SEO results that would make a fool of me if I would knock on the door of a publisher house my book will come OUT.

Check out my homepage from time to time …and subscribe to my IG account (@wonderwarrior74) if you don’t want to miss every single step to Success lol

Last but not least, please check also last update from Warrior Quest Usa which is quickly evolving into something beautiful. “The phoenix has arisen.” as some of you would say. Yes, maam ….


As always, we are all in here together.

Take a very good care of yourself.

Stay safe.

Diana x

How the power of attention changes everything: Jeff Klein at TEDxGrandRapids – YouTube


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