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Power of Story: Michael Sugrue Police + Air Force Veteran.

Power of Story : “First Responders: Coffee and Conversation”

power of story

Facilitated by: U.S. Air Force Veteran and Retired Chief of Police Dave Weiner and Sara Correll.

Special Guest: Retired Police Sergeant & Former Air Force Captain Michael Sugrue

We discuss traumatic incidents and the toll they took on our personal and professional lives. More importantly we talk about the path to recovery and how we can move forward in helping all of our First Responders.

National Speaker/Author Jennifer Tracy and Retired Police Officer/Author Chris Hoyer were also a

huge part of this conversation.

Retired Police Sergeant Michael Sugrue is our guest. Michael talks about his career in law enforcement and his life afterwards. He discusses the call when he was forced to shoot an armed and dangerous suspect. Michael shares about that deadly encounter, plus a close call with an armed suspect. He talks about those incidents, combined with all the events in his police career and how they effected his physical, mental and emotional well-being. He also discusses how he uses his experience to help others.

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Find more about SAVE A WARRIOR and listen to his podcast about PTSD and Resiliency.

Join Michael J. Sugrue on Coping with PTSD on Facebook.


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