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Happy Holidays and how are my Veterans doing?

Winter in a Wonder Warrior land 😀

What is your favourite pressure release?

I will be late on Xmas Eve with editing my book (but it will be DONE soon!!!)

It’s too warm to snow; we are still more or less locked down, even though it is not official; I am not seeing my family for a long time now (june 2019); I am single; oh well, I just finished to pay my laptop and I bet that when I will have finished with my phone lock down will be out of sight; I finally took some time for me to release the pressure off ….I am starting a new job anew. The team is cooperative; still not at ease with smart working at home; panicking …too many info at once…. I feel that one inch at time I can do it…. but I am anxious… I don’t like new beginnings except I was getting very bad in my previous job…. the activity was shut down …. many people are invited to stay home and knit their ugly Xmas sweaters…….. more pressure…. find a new job … DONE !!!

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In addition, I have put some weight on and it’s ok, I have put a cross on my jeans 29…… I tell myself that I am 46 after all… but I am single and this puts more pressure … further I like younger guys and this does not help….. more pressure, more pressure…….

Three new neighbours?? Three neighbours left, and three new ones are moving IN? How much can I take it? lol

Well, you are MAYBE wondering how are “my veterans”… well, on the American side, Lance (the pararescue GI Joe) is doing just great with Warrior Quest USA, now he is on the IG and I am sharing his team pictures on my IG too. It’s nice to see Verena and the guys who are now volounteering, and eager to help each other. To be there to lead the way, at least.

Sabrina, the navy vet, on the Australian front, is busy processing her uncoupling, and she did a wonderful video on this topic.

Nick from Mentalhealingadventures is doing well, except he is taking a digital break and ghosting a little bit the social media.

That’s okay, bro, I support you the way you are. He is getting ready for cosy winter days in Arizona. Is there any cold season in Arizona? No kidding ;p This is his AMAZING XMAS CREW ladies and gentlemen !!!!! ps. I told him recently how much you liked his post and how succesful it would be considering a creative career for him at this moment of his life (42 and retired firefighter). He has got so much to share and I know how talented and skilled his GEMINI MIND is. I am waiting to be stunned !!!!!!!

On the Channel side, over the cliffs of Dover, Karl is still writing and running his poetry workshops, on last wednesday of month, and the second one, the mysterious Mr Darcy, is just fine…. (as fine it can be in the aftermath of a permanent injury with never ending pain and sleepless nights) so, he is hibernating for Xmas, as always, as the rest of the year lol 🙂 Despite of their grumpy charachter, so likewise, I am grateful for their bigger heart I ever met on Earth, and I am happy to share, with complete strangers, how much I love my Britts.

Merry Xmas to all x

Karl Tearney

Last but not least, I was forgetting to share news from Badge Tony and his podcast about his shooting. The support group on Facebook is growing, I am feeling more at ease now, it seems familiar really. I will take the time to share some artwork from Carole Bernardo and Lori Jenkins is also writing on the creative side (she lost her blue husby a few years ago and she is still coping).

The great thing is that Blue and Vets are joining forces and I am glad to spotlight this union of intentions.

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