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Warrior Quest Usa Support Group Meet Up December 17.

Lance Supernaw from his IG in his own words…

Everyone agrees that after you’ve experienced the healing power of this plant medicine, there is another layer of collective-healing and camaraderie that comes with being of service and support for other brothers & sisters. We’ve recently had an overflow of generous offers to help out, so we will have to implement a rotating schedule for more people to be able to volunteer. The open-house format of the support and preparation meetings will always be open to all vets who are always encouraged to attend, but we must limit the size of the team working the actual ceremony to match the needs of the guests. At this time we are fully staffed for the next veteran’s ceremony on December 17th. If interested in joining the standby list for December, or volunteering for the January private ceremony, please let us know.

The retreat center requires this online form to be completed ahead of time by all new volunteers.

Later week, the invite was sent out for likely five or more available spots in the veteran’s ceremony at Soul Quest on Thursday December 17th. In the meantime, if anyone is dealing with an urgent personal struggle and needs to sit with Ayahuasca, please let us know so that we can allocate these spots to the people who need it most. Otherwise, all “frequent flyer” vets are welcome to book the remaining spots as of Thursday.

This will be the last Warrior Quest ceremony of 2020.

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