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Alexandre Langlois explains why he resigns from French National Police.

Oh, putain… !!!!

Can’t find more news in English, but I just translated the essential part that I find more interesting and touchy. I am focusing much on Police in these days, of course, because Paris and the States are aligning like Jupiter and Saturn 🙂

Of course, our culture and statistiques are quite different, obviously because of size, but also because violence is not comparable.

Catch up later.

Alexandre Langlois (Vigi-CGT-Police): "samedi, si tout le monde pouvait  être chez soi, ce serait l'idéal"

Live, Alexandre Langlois, secretary general of the Vigi Police union, explains the reasons for his resignation, Friday, November 27, from the National Police

Police General secretary of French national police resigns and reports that majority of French cops is silent because they freak out. They fear harrassement and sanctions. They fear their families are broken and for example their holidays are splitted and they will be left alone. Or called in the weekends in priority. They do not speak because they are afraid of bullying of hierarchy. It is not by chance that the higher rate in suicide belongs to the national police. He also affirms that even the ex director said that the power of the police pushes cops to suicide.

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