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Defund the Police? Serious, guys?

While editing my book I can’t deny me the pleasure to check what’s wrong on the media with Police. I am living in Paris since 13 years now, several times I have been in touch with the Police, for work reasons, and for personal reasons. They are humans, you know? But what is happening now on Saturdays since Gilet Jaunes the yellow fucking jackets is absurd and surreal.

It has started as a movement of ordinary people …. well… if they are ORDINARY, then it means that the average people are VIOLENT and GUESS WHAT? despite violence, they are not succeding. If the movement was a SUCCESS it would have stopped 50 acts and saturdays ago …. right?

I can’t tell you what is going on in the United States because the only Cops that I know in the US are GOOD PEOPLE. So are the Black friends that I have; engaged and highly educated, but not VIOLENT. So I can’t really help you with the George Floyd and BLM thing. My very point of view is a big mass manipulation that is going on through media and social media.

Because I am part of this web world, I won”t miss to stand up and give you my feedback.

Grewing up in Italy did not help me with being aware of the real role of Police, that is to serve and to protect. In Italy we have had riots in the stadiums during football matches, how can I ever compare? There is no more military service. The only cop I know in my hometown, well, I had to disactivate his notifications on my Facebook wall because I am not into sexy and hot girls on the web. Gotcha? This is it. An Italian male is very basic. No matter if cop or barman in a cafe for elderly people (uh !!! where a woman is seen as evil!!!! but it’s ok if a butt is showing off on the telly while you order your cappuccino????).

Italy has got a wide world reputation, and many left to build today’s America. If you ever wondered, I can tell you, Mafia is not a fairytale. It’s real. My vision is that we are not seeing what it is really going on under the curtain, ….and because I am not a journalist, I don’t give a damn…. you are adult and responsible. If you are not, and you lack a meaning in your life, I understand that void perfectly. Go girls, go down the street to release your anger. Just know that you might be trapped in a matrix that is bigger than you and your friends in trendy suede shoes.

Defund the Police? - WSJ

George Floyd’s death has galvanized much of America to move the needle toward police reform ideas—such as defunding police—that were previously viewed as radical.

Rashawn Ray

Rashawn Ray bio pic

David M. Rubenstein Fellow – Governance Studies


“Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality. That’s it. It’s that simple. Defund does not mean abolish policing. And, even some who say abolish, do not necessarily mean to do away with law enforcement altogether. Rather, they want to see the rotten trees of policing chopped down and fresh roots replanted anew. Camden, New Jersey, is a good example. Nearly a decade ago, Camden disbanded (abolished) its police force and dissolved the local police union. This approach seems to be what Minneapolis will do in some form, though the nuances are important.

Different from abolishing and starting anew, defunding police highlights fiscal responsibility, advocates for a market-driven approach to taxpayer money, and has some potential benefits that will reduce police violence and crime. Below, I outline some of the main arguments for defunding the police.


Data show that 9 out of 10 calls for service are for nonviolent encounters. Now, this does not mean that an incident will not turn violent, but police at times contribute to the escalation of violent force. Police officers’ skillset and training are often out of sync with the social interactions that they have. Police officers are mostly trained in use-of-force tactics and worst-case scenarios to reduce potential threats. However, most of their interactions with civilians start with a conversation.

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