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Find Nigerian Scams! Wasted Talent!

Be crime smart.

  • Report to IG or FB (they are stealing identities, it ‘s crime and punished by international law, if not human rights, the American Authority will not be happy about it – they often steal profiles from deployed soldiers in the Middle Eastern tours ( learn about scams and crimes, check on the FBI website for scams, you can report anonimously – other ladies will be grateful for life).
  • Block the person who is writing to you as simple as that (but only after reporting)

Many people desperate for love and affection especially in Europe and North America have had their fingers badly burnt with the Nigerian internet fraudsters feasting on them.

Wonder Warrior here !!!!

Hi girls, how is your friday? ( yeah this post will intrigue more …women but it might be educational for both actually.)

Last hours news: I went through another Nigerian scammer on IG !!! Where is the wonder?

He subscribed as follower, with a smashing guy’s profile picture and I said “why not? let me see who’s this fab guy and how much into me – my profile picture – he is !!!!”

He asked me to go on a private chat different than IG, and I was not interested, then I said “ok, I just wondered if it was one of my cops followers” and he said a few words… without meaning… for sure his words are igbo, Nigerian, and by chance I am into Nigerian….. long story…..

This post is a warning for those who are on the social media, especially on dating on line, or looking for penpals, or like me, have a strong empathy for soldiers and whish to connect with deployed members of Army.

Facebook and Instagram are perfect tools for those scammers who can easily reach European middle aged and lonely ladies …. gotcha?

I leave you here. And stay open to any comments and questions in private mode.

Your fab Wonder Warrior

A repentant’s story.

Many people desperate for love and affection especially in Europe and North America have had their fingers badly burnt with the Nigerian internet fraudsters feasting on them.

One of the leading scammers from that part of the world is 24-year-old Abayomi Aje who made over $80,000 in his four-year stint. Abayomi, now a repentant scammer, said peer pressure and his desire to go to school at all cost made him a scammer.

�I was a scammer for close to four years and made well over $80,000. I have heard guys making as much as a half a million dollars.� Explaining their modus operandi to Daily Mail, Abayomi who now runs an internet business in Nigeria said, �Each person has as many as six women at a time.

We would search through dating websites such as Yahoo! personals, and and create an account, usually with stolen credit cards.

�The woman is, in most cases, desperate to get a man in her life. For those who are being a little difficult, you send a gift on a weekend with some nicely worded card. Once the victim has fallen in love, the next thing is to tell her you are going on a short business trip to any part of the world. You call the victim and be romantic with her on the phone.

Then, after some days, you ask her for money giving her some sob story, like you were robbed or forgot your money. �She will either agree to send the money or, if she is really gullible, she will clear fake cheques or money orders for you.

She may also be asked to receive wire transfers into her bank account.�

Talking about what led him to such a heartless way of life, he said: �I wanted to go to London Metropolitan University. I am sorry about everything that happened. I was a young boy who was misled by my peer group and under pressure from wanting to go to school at all costs.�

In Mandela's own words
In Mandela’s words.

How to catch a Nigerian Scammer:

The Four "C's" of a Nigerian Payment Diversion Scam
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How far it can go?

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