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Angel Knife and knife crime epidemic.

Middlesbrough: a reminder of Britain’s knife crime epidemic since 2017

In the last years, I have to admit that have been through several alerts, a couple of them occured at the workplace, and this story was told by a co-worker who is now safe and sound, but he went through the following:

He was in the casting and was waiting for an artist or technicien, I can’t remember??? the person who had a casting for recruitement passed through the check bag (we have that one in the headquarters since 2001, because of 9/11 and it’s an American company) and this person was caught carrying two of these knives. He absoultely persevered with bringing those knives during the interview. Of course, the security came in the story and Police was called immediately. That guy never met my co-worker who started having PTSD.

He couldn’t manage the stress to know that someone wanted to meet him with a couple of knives on him.

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It occured on October 2019. My co-worker never went back to his old job. Now he is hopefully re-training into RH (before Pandemic) and planning to leave France for Fuerteventura in Canarie Islands and install his own business there.

Wish him good luck !

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In the same lapse of time another co-worker had another story of knives and Police. This time it went in the news and happened at the Prefecture de Paris. This time, a co-worker of my job mate’s mother, was involved. He killed four other co-workers in Paris. This is how violent this society has become.
The knives are engraved with messages from families who have had loved ones taken by knife crime
Alfie Bradley designed and made the Knife Angel

Alfie Bradley designed and made the Knife Angel (Image: Peter Harbour)

WITHOUT A DOUBT THE STAR attraction of the National Ironworks Centre is the “National Monument Against Violence and Aggression,” more commonly known as the “Knife Angel.” It’s a towering, poignant tribute to the lives lost to knife violence.

“We want it to create awareness of the dangers of carrying a knife and we hope we can show the tragic consequences of that and encourage people to talk and encourage them to carry knives.”

In June 2015, in the wake of another mass shooting incident that left nine victims dead at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, debate about the issue of gun control flared up again in the U.S. In the midst of that debate, a number of social media users pointed to a November 2014 Counter Current News article purportedly describing an effort by British police to disarm the citizenry of dangerous “pointy knives”.

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