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Documentary locked up for 30 years. Let there be light.

Powerful work by John Huston. It’s amazing to think this film was never released for fear it would shock the public. It sat classified nearly 30 years.

For the first time, Huston explored the diagnosis and treatment of what used to be called “battle fatigue” or “shell shock” among returning servicemen. This condition is now know as PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder. “Let There Be Light” wasn’t released to the public for 30 years for obvious reasons, but it’s a story that must be told because it’s still highly relevant to our times.

I served in Vietnam as a medical corpsman ( 31 May 1967 – 31 May 1068 ). I saw it on a local PBS station when it was finally released to the public after being suppressed by the government for so many years. It was the first time I cried about Vietnam.

Of course at the time in the 1970s When I saw the film, i was in denial about my experiences in Vietnam.

George Hoffman

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