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What is Third Eye really?

When I have read about opening Third Eye I thought to akward gurus, sitting in a lotus flower position, smoking some sort of psychedelic drugs. But what if I told you that inner wisdom is… open third eye. When you are aligned to yourself and living with your Truth. Personal Growth and Self-Development or Self-Improvement can be opening the Third Eye.


No matter your knowledge in chakras or how long you can meditate, the third eye is connected with Mind and Brain, and it is very much related with your presence in this world and focus on your present moment. Getting spiritual is really what we need if we want to take a higher perspective on our ordinary ordeals, and in my opinion the more you dive deeper into your practice and the more you should be grounding yourself and your Energy into this material world. We are both, spiritual and material. We cannot develop our mind without dealing with what is practical and Everyday struggle, like a job or our physical health and stay fit. We are a whole. 

Cristina Lopes is more into psychic and Acquarian Energy, she is the ultimate Spiritual Coach that I am Following regularly. She spoke of North Node for the first time, our life mission and she gives some tips that can help you progress in your evolution.  Of course, these videos give you the theory and many information that should be integrated with practice and personal experience. Up to you wich way how to dive in. I would suggest you starting small, start with Ten Minutes in your Morning routine. Maybe guided méditations in the evening before your bedtime. Feel free to ask more if you want to join the Community. Enlightment is not happening over night. I might recycle this, as slogan.. x

November 2019, Paris.

The Third eye gives you a Clarity of Vision 


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