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3 reasons why you need a job.

Apart from paying bills, and an apartement, which apparently could be your first reason why you think you need a job.

  1. Routine
  2. Rituals
  3. Social life

1. Routine:

When you know that you are working from monday to friday, or whatever is your planning, if you are an EMT, Nurse, Firefighter, Serviceman or Cop, …you need a good reason to get up in the early morning to fullfill your call for duty, no matter which are your tasks, even housekeeping or dishes washing, your need to feel useful to society and community gives you a reason to get up in the morning. When you have a routine, you definitely get a better sleep quality, your time for pleasure is more intense, and your time is certainly not wasted; with a routine you have a better sleep and can manage your drinking or smoking as a bonus time and not …a bad routine.

2. Rituals :

that coffee before starting up the day, it makes your day! that chat with the security man at arrival, at your workplace, or the bonjour to the team co-workers, your pain au chocolat, or bagel, or nutella muffin, makes your day. Rituals are important. They give you a bonus in your daily routine. I enjoy listening to Laura Pausini because she is a camerade from same Italian region, Emilia Romagna……. and she is my age, so when I listen to Laura I feel home, and this morning she passed in the Spotify playlist. I was heading to my second day in the new job, the new service, new teamwork. She is singing : I believed in my self.

It sounds so incredible, in this period, with all people loosing their job, closing theyr activity, because of pandemic and law restrictions. I was listening to Laura when I walked in front of that interim service ( temporary missions ) with one man, an African man, waiting for the opening of that agency to apply for whatever job is available in a short term. God bless him.

3. Social Life:

I know, I am someone who maybe have been complaining about how toxic it can be the office social life. I remember having been wishing to get more free time for myself. My mind is so hyperactive. I need my intellectual time to express myself. To be frank, I have been missing my multicultural lunches with half Italian, half German and half French/North African company. Today, for me, it was a present.

Well, I have been keeping busy all the first lock down, because I had that book to deliver, but then I realised that I was overediting it and the time I was giving to my daimon, my spirit, my artist side, it was too much.

When I have a job, I have a little time for other activities, and that’s fine, it’s intense. Efficient. I noticed that I am more performing when I have a job.

Social life is tough sometimes. We are all different; there are some people who like to gossip and tell you not to trust those other people that are your new teamwork now !!!! Uh, bienvenue to your new service!!

Social life made me sharing a lunch with an Italian girl from Sicily, today, and a French guy, born in France, with roots in Algeria; he is one of more interesting persons I ever met. I have met him several times in my company’s life, in 13 years, and I remember his smile and his cool and kind attitude all the time. He is in a position where you help different services from food and beverage to hotel reception and merchandising; now we meet again side by side at the administration pole.

I have been sick, I have been anxious, a part of me really wanted to take a sick leave and abandon, I was thinking to resign so many times in these years.

I have been thinking to leave, for another country. But I know that is fear …I know that I need courage to keep calm and stay here. And hold on.

Now, here and now, it’s essential that I keep grounded.

Future is as much as important than Now, right now. I wish that you are keeping busy, and hold on in whatever employment you have right now. No matter how much stressful. No matter how much is the salary. Keep active, feel useful.

Till soon x

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