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Fall 2020: Novemberish part Two.

Well, I am not the one who likes to complain and start the day with a list of pain and aches. My head is simply begging for a break. It’s new moon in Scorpio. What the hell does it mean? I have read, that Scorpio is connected with our deepest fears and unconscious matter. Oh, la la. That means, that we have to release our deepest fears in order to achieve our goals and bigger dreams. This is the time of year (and this pandemic uh!) that I make a point, and start a new phase, in these days I had memories from the past, knocking… that boyfriend, his habits, the other flame, his indifference …. ouch, I don’t need these memories except to appreciate where I am Now. My Now is surrounded by beauty and nature always reminds me that going out for a walk is the best choice when your head is painful. My ten minutes practice was helpful too. I thought I could not even focus, in fact, I have good news, breathing gives more hoxygen to your brain. On the way home, it started raining, it is always a good excuse to share a picture with my British friend, in Norfolk. In fact, in England he gets even more raining, and much heavier. Ah ah ah… It recomforts me. How is it in your corner of the Earth? Do you have same four seasons? Do you have two? Rainy and dry, like in Nigeria, as another friend wrote to my surprise this week?

Don’t take it personally, but I admit that one part of me is not happy to go back to work, I am fearful, anxious, I am not going to office since so long now, do I really miss that social life? Nope. I feel like those veterans when they have been asked: “Do you miss the military life? ” Ah ah ah …. sure, they don’t!!!! Military is okay when you are twenty, great if you were promoted at thirty. Enough is enough after forty 🙂

To be frank, I don’t miss the old team, I do not have an old team. Don’t see them altogheter since month of March. When lock down stroke. All my co-workers from the Company are at home. Partially paid. I mean, a few months home were too much even for writing a book. I overwrote my book in the Italian edition. It is too big!!! My daimon has kidnapped me for one month, I was learning how to self -publish and how to do the digital book. Yuck!!!

It was so boring. I chose to do all by myself which is not bad, I like to be my editor. I am quite self-critical, it is a perfect match. But on the other side, it is a lots of work. This fact along with my family stuck in another Country, and my friends, who usually come and pay a visit… made me feel even more isolated. Wow. It’s a huge time of self-reflection here.

It will be hard to put a clock earlier than last weeks, but the other side of me can’t wait for starting the new job. The unknown is out there. Make your vows for 2021 already. This is the New Moon. It is the time to settle your subconscious mind for the good.

ps. because my last post with November pictures hosted a special guest (Lucy from Attic24), this time I am glad to introduce you my friend who is in fact the one volounteering in Soul Quest, Orlando. We have met at Disneyland Resort Paris more than ten years ago. We are linked with karmic bond. She is my little sister (growing older and spiritually growing big!!!). Her name is Melissa, Mell for friends. We are very different, yet appreciate and love each-other.

Enjoy your Sunday. Enjoy the light of this rainy reddish-yellowish November. Give your mind a break!

Peace x

Call me Diana
My friend Mell best supporter at Warrior Quest !!! In Florida there is no fall season… what a pity.

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