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Afghan Vet Vinnie’s healing journey to Peru.

Veterans transformation is a process.

There is a new energy here, a new era for Mental Health is coming. I can feel it, I can breath it. It’s seasalted.

I will resume up for you; since I was back to this website, I have been collecting more and more resources on Spiritual Retreats, in the States and Canada. I support four or five no-profit associations at the moment; the Warrior Quest at Soul Quest in Orlando, Florida (I have a close friend volounteering over there, who could put me through and I feel it is a safe place); the Warrior Spirit Retreat with Dan Nevins (still in fundraising, need to catch up with Dan, but he and social medias… uh!!!!!); the Save a Warrior is a latest one recommended by Sgt. Michael J. Sugrue etc… (check out my COMMUNITY and HELPLINES RESOURCES pages on this website). The purpose of my work here is expanding this network and build this wonderful connection of hope and transformation, of care and unconditional love. Beyond any borders or boundaries. Cultures, flags, languages etc. Wonna join me?

Vinnie’s project for March 2021.

My name is Vinnie Abney and I am a 32 year old Army veteran from California. I spent 8 years in the Army, which included time in Afghanistan and the loss of many of my fellow brothers. That time has a had a negative impact on my life that I am still recovering from today. To make things worse, during these crazy times of COVID-19, my wife who I had been with for 7 years decided she did not want to be married to me anymore after many years of watching me struggle with PTSD and addiction. Just a few months ago I was left with just me, my car, and a suitcase full of clothes.After a couple months of living with my Mother and being suicidal, I made the decision to pursue healing myself from all the unaddressed trauma in my life. That journey led me to plant medicines, specifically Ayahuasca. My original plan was to travel to Peru to explore my healing, but because of travel restrictions I was unable to get down there. I luckily found Soul Quest in Orlando, Florida and that place changed my life and it’s trajectory forever. I participated in 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies in one weekend and found my calling and my path towards healing.I am also a psychology major and I feel strongly called to helping people with the use of plant medicines, but I can not begin to help others until I truly begin to heal myself. This fundraising page will help me realize the opportunity to visit Peru in March of 2021. I feel that this is another step towards my calling to not only heal myself, but work with the medicine so I can one day help heal others too.In order for me to start this journey, I quit my job and am now living in Orlando in an Airbnb and volunteering at Soul Quest during ceremonial weekends. I felt called to give back what had been given to me.The retreat center I aspire to travel to in March is called LA Medicina and it is in the pristine high jungle of Cordilliera Escalera National Park in Peru. I am planning on staying there for at least a couple weeks to really immerse myself in the process and the medicine. Your donation would go towards helping me pay for my flight and my retreat. You are loved and appreciated! Thank you!

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