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Maybe it’s you.


The episode he is mentioning in the video with the guy working at the Four Seasons… I have been working in xxx Hotels for over 8 years, and I LOVED my job. I have been LOVING my job so much to the point that anything out of my job disappeared. My job took over all domains of my life. At first, I tried to keep some relationships outside my workplace, but I finished to drop all of them, and focus on my job.

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Every Christmas Eve I was HAPPY to work at my workplace, because the lights were just perfect, like in any American movie. I was living the dream, except I knew it was all FAKE. My shifts were just horrible and destroying any social relationship, or activities I could do out of my job, but MY JOB was perfect. I didn’t need anything outside it. My health has starting degrading after a few years. I had short nights of sleep, and for more than one year, I have been working in the night shift. I slept over all my three days off. I was in a zombified state of mind. I felt I couldn’t do any better. I was an indipendent woman in her forties, living and paying her bills abroad, alone. I was doing THE JOB of one’s life career in tourism and entertainement, I JUST LOVED IT.


I’d better leave you here.

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