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First Responders First.

I will echo some of Michael’s post from time to time. This is one of those times. His group on FB is very active: First Responders First

As of today (11/12/2020), Law Enforcement Officer suicides alone are at 149 for this year. Last year there were 236 reported Officer suicides. Another 247 Offices have died in the line of duty; bringing the overall total of lives lost to 396 for 2020. So much more must be done to address this ongoing epidemic among our men and women in blue. Know yourself, acknowledge your needs, accept a helping hand when offered and ask for one when needed.Options include:1) Lifeline: Call 800.273.TALK (8255)2) Crisis Text Line: Law enforcement text BLUE to 741741, others text TALK to 7417413) Call 911 for emergencies4) Check with your department for services including peer support5) COPLINE: 1-800-267-54636) Crisis Text Line – Text BLUE to 7417417) Cop2Cop – 1 866-COP-2COP (267-2267)

I’m very excited to announce that Retired Police Sergeant and Former U.S. Air Force Captain Michael Sugrue will be working on a book chronicling his story of trauma, survival and ultimate recovery. He’s teaming up with well known author and world renowned Psychologist Shauna Springer PhD. Michael Sugrue will be the first author and “Doc Springer” will be second. His hope is to further help his fellow first responders, veterans and active military; many suffering in silenceDr. Shauna Springer is a graduate of Harvard University and is one of the world’s leading experts on PTSD, Trauma, and Moral Injury among veterans. She co-hosts a weekly podcast on these topics in collaboration with MilitaryTimes. Her work has been featured on CNN, VICE, Dr. Oz, NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Forbes, The Philadelphia Tribune, Washington Post, and Military Times. She is a regular contributor to Psychology Today.

First Responder Support Network

Save A Warrior – “SAW”

Let’s all help to smash the stigma!


Michael Sugrue

Shauna Springer

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