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V-Day, somewhere between God and Poppies.

It’s very controversial for me, to publish a few lines for Veterans … It’s Armistice Day in France, it’s Veteran Day in America and it’s Remembrance day in UK. I feel like something is missing, some piece of my history is lost. Before I moved to France, the 11th of November has been San Martino, in Italy, in that small gossipy village, where I was born and raised. A cosy time for families and young couples to chill and hang on Novemberish festivals in the surroundings. The hills can be very nice at any seasons, in Italy, and especially on the Appennini Marchigiano-Romagnoli. You might have heard about Federico Fellini and film “Amarcord”.Those simple, friendly and welcoming people are my compatriots. In Romagna region, by the Adriatic Sea, if you are a guest, you will be served a glass of red wine, not water. It’s costume.

Uh, except I can’t deny, Mussolini was inhabitant of this region, too.

All the pictures were taken in Slovenja in June 2015. They represent trenches between Slovenja, Austria and Italy, the eastern front of World War First.

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