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School Shootings.

Today, it was just overwhelming. In order to move from Remembrance Day, which makes me cry rivers, I decided to change topic. But I got the translation of my book, on terror attacks, and after rampage, I have learnt a new term : killer spree. I will do that crocheting next week, I swear.

I also had a discussion with my veteran friend, Karl, the poet on these pages. He produced a few poems very beautiful as hommage to World War First Unknown Warriors. I got so angry. I know he is very sensitive, and with my comment I just confused him (real sorry for that, dear friend).

Anger stands behind abuse. Karl told me that as military this Remembrance Day is more important than for civilians. Are you laughing at me?

I have read dozen of letters from husbies to widows to say “goodbye cherie, God took another decision for us”, right before the battle of Somme.

Please, do not blame anybody but humans for human actions and wars on Earth. This is what I wanted to really say to Karl. Wars should be debated.

They don’t just happen (in order to protect our way of living). Today I am quite sick of hearing bullshits in order to justify violence and murder.

So I decided to check for school shootings. I cried. But it was a relief. Those guys gave me motivation to get back to my job done with the book. Those guys and girls who lost their friends and got traumatized at school, like I have been at work, in ordinary life, I will think about them in the next days, when I will finish the draft 3.0 of my manuscript.

I was angry with Karl and war veterans because we need some debates on violence, guns safety (in America) and wars. Poetry is good. I was unkind with my friend, he is trying to get rid off treatments due to his PTSD. He is 54, I shall be more understanding with him.

Who else could make any difference, more than an ex combat veteran, in this society? Certainly not Governements with the nonsense lock down laws.

Happy Remembrance Day x

We live in the era of semi -automatic guns, but also social medias

a student in Parkland, Florida

In this article you find questions about the potential relation between bullying and shootings. If the reality says that those baby-killers were sociopath, with schizophrenia and depression, there is no evidence of treatments with meds and drugs. Let me say it better: there is no question about it. Not evidence.

Mourners pray around a memorial in front of Santa Fe High School on May 21 in Santa Fe, Texas. The makeshift memorial honored the victims of the May 18 shooting when a 17-year-old student allegedly attacked the school, killing 10 people and wounding 13 more (2018).

My unconditional support goes to Law Enforcement Departement.

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