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Go with your Gut feelings.

If you are uncertain, just keep it open (or put your foot on the gas)

Italian Motorbikers Motto

Talking about Astrology and Birth Chart, my Moon in Pisces is the trait of charachter which gives me a higher perception. That means that I like to explore my subconscious in as many ways as possible.

Much time before unfamous events in Paris, which is the milestone in my story (like 9/11), I was testing my ink watercolors with no idea of the outcome. I rarely take the time to drawing or coloring, but when I do I am 100% into it.

That time I remember that I was chatting, with my friend, who lives in Rome, and I sent her my latest experience in watercolor. I don’t have evidence of those two paintings because I did not have any smart phone nor I thought it would be of any relevance in the future.

Message: keep your drawings even if they are not Leonardo alike !!!

If you like, I used the Steiner method: just do it. What my friend saw in my watercolor was an hippocampus. In my mind I tried some mosaic, with blue and white, and colors was so mixed up that yellow and blue turned into dirt green, eventually kaki (birds yellowish shit?). The whole thing reminded me of intestine. A wet cave where to dive deep and loose yourself. It was not beautiful as painting and that’s why I don’t own it anymore. But it spoke to my unconscious mind.

The message to me was unilateral : dig deeper and dive into your Unconscious Mind (and Intuition). But what the hell was it all about?

There I understood two things:

Lascaux 4 : les clichés sur Instagram en avant-première
Lascaux graffiti in Southern France.
  • drawing helps you to express yourself and leave a footprint of your passage on Earth; just think to Lascaux as a complex of caves near the village of Montignac, in the department of Dordogne in southwestern France. Over 600 parietal wall paintings cover the interior walls and ceilings of the cave. The Hall of Bull tells us : we have been there, in the Paleolitic !!! lol
  • intestine is our second brain; as the last scientific research says, there is a marvelous connection between Brain and Gut and I am glad to share this article here, if you want to understand why, as child, your were always constipate (!) and what your body was trying to tell you, when those bad habits that made you so uncomfortbale and nervous, seemed as “normal”, because of your sedentary lifestyle (when in fact, doctors were uneducated and knew only one way to help you with purging).

If you want to learn the totem animal symbolism of hippocampus/seahorse, you can check Avia’s work here. But I also gave another meaning to Seahorse, in my story, in fact Hippocampus is called the side in our brain linked to memory and learning. One of my deepest fears, during my recovery journey, was not to be able to read or learn anymore. My memory was very short due to chronic stress and fatigue. Headache endured daily for months (paracetamol was my best friend, so I will probably develop some stomac cancer, no wonder why). And of course, post-it notes everywhere.

Exercise Can Help Increase Size Of The Brain's Hippocampus in 2020 | Brain  gym, Benefits of exercise, Brain exercise

To end up with my insight, I started exploring my intuition and tarot reading (just as amateur, I do it for myself), I went through Doreen Virtue Angels Cards (Life Purpose and Past Lives with Brian Weiss) and began the guided meditations. I also started and abandoned the sophrologie in Paris, because my anxiety was still so high level, and public transportation was lived as a punishement. And still is !!!! No excuses, I dropped that course because I could not identify with me as therapist and being paid for. Maybe I am wrong, but my belief is that when you have a gift, like healing, you have to do that for free or against reciprocity (not money). Is this a limit ? If so, skip my podcast “Stay fit with Diana”. It’s free lol (with a nice Paypal tipjar, sure!)

Rimini, 2016.

The following image is a graffiti of that stage, when I was trying to figure out what my bowel was trying to communicate. I was back home in Rimini, Italy, for a visit to my family, and when I saw it, it was mesmerizing. It was not the only hippocampus I saw in that trip. Some inner force was pushing me, but I had no idea where she wanted me to go!

It goes without saying, that since I am expressing myself through my artwork, writing, and social media, my intestine is working like a suisse clock ahaha

Write Point of View: Hippocampus, Seen but Rarely Heard About | Mythology,  Trevi fountain, Sculpture art
Roma, Fontana di Trevi. Are ancient Greek and Roman telling us something with those stunning fountains? They are not regular horses. Did you ever notice? Is the man trying to tame the beast?

Of course, I had to improve my diet with more vegetables (pumpkins and sweet potatoes are my best), soupes in the evening, and fruits (kiwi, figues de barbarie, banana) in the morning work !!!! If you want to share some nice recipes with me, you are welcome:) to be frank, I don’t have many, I find oven very practical, and like the taste of grilled veggies…

TOP 25 COINCIDENCE QUOTES (of 532) | A-Z Quotes
I don’t have any evidence of my drawing, but I kept finding signs like this. Like a mystical hidden and invisible force was telling me “Go, jump. Dive in.”
Maybe, what I call signs, are only nice coincidences, and I should get a diagnose for obsessive compulsive disorder?

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