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The Power of Breath

How present we are? Do you feel your breath is stop breathing? Are you holding your breath in these days in the States?

I have been, oh, well, in case you didn’t notice (my statistiques have blocked in two days, you look frozen as I am), so I have to tell you, that the terror attacks are back in the Old Continent. Even though my logical mind is telling me that everything is alright, my intuitive mind is panicking already. And anxiety starts to rise again. I can see it in my breath, and on the clock when it’s bedtime. It’s like I hold on to the present day, I don’t want to let it go.

I admit that I am upset and worried about tomorrow. Until a few years ago it was unconscious. Now I know my demons within, we have become friends.

I am writing this post to share with you that I am reacting to anxiety in the following ways:

  • breathing
  • walking in the nature (bless this November sunshine around twelve)
  • sharing my knowledge about breathing techniques and creating a podcast inspired by Headfit for Life, a project in a royal baking, that Prince Harry, or just Harry, has been working on before Megxit. I hope that it is not that boring, but listen, if you start yawning it is a good sign. It’s the power of my voice. I am not kidding lol

In these times of uncertitude, and challenge, I wish at least that we can grow together practicing these breathing techniques. If you want to initiate you to breathing techniques, and mindfulness, you won’t need anything except your smart phone and earphones, and you can choose the time to practice. Before sleeping, or just awake in the morning. If you suffer insomnia, of course, you are more than welcome and at any jet lag. Technology allows us to keep in touch and connect on a global level, now, and despite we might feel or be self-isolated, wherever we are, we are in here togheter.

Breath is a bridge between the body and the spirit.

Thich Nath Hahn

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