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Focus Technique: Mandala Drawing.

If you lack of focus, and concentration, it’s maybe time to start with practicing mandala drawing. This artwork, posted on IG, was a two hours train trip to Bologna airport, in 2018. I was leaving my family after a visit, in june. Now, I am too lazy to sketch a full notebook or journaling, when I do not feel like it. But I kept my drawing to share with you how simple and accessible it is to catch a pen and put on a paper, starting from the center, and draw anything that comes into your mind. Lines, circles, flowers, or little hearts. Just focus on your inner Self and let it flow.

Warning ** It doesn’t have to be perfect! 😉

If you want to know more on mandalas, and their archetype, or cultural heritage in the tribal societies, I invite you to check the resource I often refer to : What’ Your Sign . Avia is doing a great work since more than ten years on signs and symbols, which I am fond of. Especially, when you feel a little lost in your rabbit hole.

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Hi, I’m Antonella, but you can call me Diana. Previously a blogger and PTSD advocate, I became an indie-publisher and author in 2018, on Amazon. I spend most of my time meditating, feeding my soul with goodreads, and walking in the nature but this blog is for my love of creativity and sharing my coping techniques with you!

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