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Today the solo treatment for PTSD, major depression, and anxiety, in America (*) are prescribed chemical cocktails.

Master Sgt. Lance Supernaw

(*) Western Society

If we take a step back to last century and study the path from from shell shock to combat fatigue we can see that progress has been made: 

  • PTSD is no longer blamed on a character fault or cowardice. The British Tommy court-martialed in 1916 has been pardoned officially thanks to Harry Farr’s 93-years-old daughter, Gertrude, who fought decades to restore her father’s honor. Although, Farr had been diagnosed as suffering from shell shock a year before he was executed, he was sent back to the front line. He was shot at dawn for cowardice “in the face of enemy” at the Battle of the Somme, after seeing half of his battalion die in Neuve Chapelle early that year.      

Despite this 2006 pardon and recognition of the effects of PTSD, families and servicemen, first-responders, and health-care professionals, as well as civilians, have to endure the stigma linked to mental health injuries. Our highly judgmental performance society sees those who suffer  mental breakdowns as though they were the ruin of the family and the community. In fact, they are quite the opposite. Highly sensitive people  set the boundaries of injustice in a violent and dishumanized society. PTSD is here to remind us about our own human nature. AI is replacing many jobs with intelligent machinery. In many ways we are on the way of self-destruction. Are we doing anything in our power to say NO?espite the recent recognition, in 2006, families and servicemen as well as first-responders and health-care service, and also civilians, have to endure the stigma linked to Mental Health injuries. This performance society is highly judgemental and mental break down is seen as if you were the ruin of the family and community. When in fact it is quite the opposite. As highly sensitive people we set the boundaries of injustice in a violent and dishumanized society. PTSD are here to remind the human race about the human nature. AI is replacing our jobs with intelligent machinery. It will go fast. We are on the way of self-destruction. Are we doing anything in our power to say NO?

  • Take a look at tribal community rites of passage that mark a candidate’s transition to full membership.  In another place or time, you would leave your village to go into the mountain for as long as it took to find yourself. Discovering your place in the greater web of life, you offered thanks for your gift and returned to share it with your people. Having moved through adolescence, you took up your new place as an adult in your clan. You became worthy of a chance to gain their respect. Your quest showed you a new purpose and a vision of what your life can be.
  • Soldiers who have a proper decompression period after combat, with the unit and not at home, are less likely to experience PTSD. In ancient times, marching or sailing a long distance would provide time for the healing process on the journey back home. In Joseph Campbell words: “The Hero has been resurrected, purified and has earned the right to be accepted back into the society and share the Elixir of the Journey. The true Hero returns with an Elixir to share with others or heal a wounded land.”
  • Modern psychiatry, with figures like British neuroscientist Dr Steve Peters and French psychiatrist Christophe André, and Stars and Stripes prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn, promotes mindfulness practices (guided meditation and breathing techniques, yoga and Trascendental Meditation) as coping techniques for anxiety and depression, alcohol abuse, and PTSD to restore resilience both to soldiers on active duty and veterans returning home.    

Warriors provide our defense.  If we don’t take good care of their wellbeing, who will protect us? 

To make a positive social impact, following the Theory of Change, our Warriors Team wants to:

  • work in partnership with medical professionals, health-care, first-responders, the veteran community, and life coaches and counselors by through creative cooperation.
  • promote long-term solutions to heal emotional wounds and restore identity to those behind the badge and in uniform.
  • give a voice to Wounded Warriors and trauma survivors, supporting them while they transform their lives.
  • guarantee outcomes on a large scale by sharing our targeted resources and competences.

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