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Pause!!! PTSD Beautiful Trauma takes a break!!!

Hi all of my dear WP readers.

I had to do that. I find it cool here, I like playing with these blog pages and it took me a long while before I found my spark.

Now a pause is required. Nevertheless, I changed my mission, on the homepage, and I invite you to check the booktrailer I have put together to illustrate a storytelling of my books coming out soon.

Maybe I need some reorganisation in all the stuff I have put in. It was too much caothic with very little traffic and results; thou I am happy that I found you, the positive feedback I had in these months is real and motivating me.

Now, I feel I have to restart from zero. WordPress will keep the good work despite I won’t resubmit.

Last time I left it for one year, almost, and it survived. That means all blog articles are available and I will use it as archive for my next web activity.

In case you want to join me you can reach my email contact

My instagram :

In two years I hit 209 followers and only a few are really interactive. Half of them are spam or want to sell some stuff. I don’t need that !!!

I will build a website more professional for my activity as author and eventually present my teamwork which are collaborations that I am finding.

My podcast is also NEW and you find it on my homepage on Itune Spotify etc. under name :

Diana speaks!

My reign is just began. Oh well, feel more as a Wanderer than a settled Queen …

Feel free to join me. France is preparing to lock down part 2, I just got the news from my workplace that we will stay home smartworking (very poor tools from home thou).

We will meet again soon.

You’ll find me.

Pen name Diana says Au revoir WordPress… a business plan 300 euros is not affordable for my non-profit activity. Maybe once I am bestselling author it will seem a bargain.

I have bills too x Ciao !!!!!

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