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military spouse and nurse tiffany smiley breaking all the rules… or bold and beautiful ???

To be frank, I posted this and now I have a doubt. I would have liked to attend the one hour conference on confidence and resilience and I felt bad to pay 35 dollars as fee. Why? I dunno. I am looking at her sitting on a sofa crying while telling her story with her blind military husband. I would never do that. I am not showing off my tears. I won’t go on TV or any medias to show my tears when I report my trauma story. Medias are not a therapy.

I am sorry, I am supporting veterans and their combat but will do my way.

No fee, no foundraising, no money except the donation that I will be able to give with my self-help books.

It’s okay to be a motivational speaker and be paid for …for?

giving hope? sharing tears? expertise calling? what expertise? are your assistants who make calls? it is not said in the website. You should put more details, i am sorry. how to be more resilient? i am sharing tips. i will share my books on amazon. i will never ask you to pay for expertise calls, first because i don’t have any expertise in coaching. and i can’t see how this ex-cheerleader can teach me how to be more confident and smash it except becoming blond.

Welcome to my empath channel where empath stands for autenthic and manipulative stories about veteran heros do not work with me.

Respect !!

She quoted “I believed in myself more than any others doubts.”

And yes, I have some doubts about her. I can’t empathize and I can’t explain why.

Many spouses of our severely wounded service members come out stronger, realize they have more grit than they imagined, and become the number one fighter for their spouse they are loving back together.
Girls' Romances #128 1967-DC-military nurse cover-Viet Nam war story-FR /  HipComic

Tiffany Smiley is an author, motivational speaker, media personality and consultant who helps others discover and harness their unique “superpower” by fearlessly confronting and overcoming life’s challenges. Her specialized approach to tackling obstacles head-on has helped men and women across the world rise above the seemingly insurmountable to achieve their most ambitious goals, from entrepreneurs fiercely transforming their vision into reality to c-suite executives driven by global excellence.

Recognizing the special challenges that women face in business, Ms. Smiley has also created the More Than Me conference tour@morethanmemvmt a live community forum for ambitious “women of vision” to make meaningful connections, share their life-altering stories, realize their true worth and learn how to similarly inspire their family, friends and community. These conferences feature an impressive lineup of accomplished women with real-world stories about achieving the impossible, as well as the opportunity to tap into experts in a variety of fields, including personal development, business coaching, entrepreneurship and financial acumen.

To light a path for others, Ms. Smiley combines her education, training and personal experience as a triage nurse, start-up co-founder and victor in a David-and-Goliath battle against the US government into a powerful, practical guide for succeeding in spite of hardship of any kind — from dealing with life’s daily difficulties to office politics to the worst imaginable tragedy.

Tiffany has contributed to the following media organizations:
Fox News
CBS News
USA Today
People Magazine
Katie Couric Show
Focus on the Family
Billy Graham Evangelistic Foundation
Fox 28 “The Moms” Show
Invest Northwest
The Wall Street Journal
The Tri-City Herald

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