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how to get through an emotional trigger.

In PTSD symptoms when you are not feeling in security it can lead to a trigger. Your breath stops and you can’t speak, so maybe you get tinnitus like you were going to faint. Your chest is also aching like you were going through an heart attack and leaving you in physical pain. Your hands and legs maybe are shaking. It’s a panic attack or anxiety attack.

These attacks are often overexaggerating situations that make part of your ordinary life. The technique of blowing air in a paper bag is quite known but sometimes you do not have a paper bag with you.

I know this feeling of “I am going to die” or “I am getting insane” and you really think that it’s your time and that you are passing away. You are living it. Not all doctors understand a panic attack. Some might just think that you are stressed out and you need some rest and take a time off work.

Or worse …you get meds to calm down. Or sleep. Meds that lead to another delicate situation like chronic depression and /or suicidal thoughts.

It’s more than that.

The trigger comes from you past and brings an emotional load with. You can ignore it, deny it and run away, freeze, flight or …you can fight it.

And accept it, first, of course, which is a process of surrender it-self. Surrender to fight? (Yes. It’s your ego).

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Which one do you think is the more transformational option and with long-term succesful results on your favour?

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