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Soul quest ayahuasca Church of mother earth: surrender your ego.

Hey I am glad to share this story about Ayahuasca with my WP readers.

Ayahuasca does brings everything to the surface, nothing is suppressed or hidden. You do have to face your fears in order for your ego to surrender. Only then you will find the love and peace that was always within you all along.
We make it hard, our ego gets in the way and won’t let you surrender. “I can go all night long”, Ayahuasca told me during my first journey and I fought and resisted not even knowing why. When I finally surrendered, about 5 hours later, when words of surrender escaped my mouth, my heart opened to the beauty. This overwhelming sense of peace and love healing my soul and strengthen my spirit.
Easy to say surrender and things will be easy?, no! You will have to pay your “ticket of admission”, face your ugly self, your insecurities, your issues head on. However, if you’re open to surrender, leave your expectations behind and willing to work with Ayahuasca, then Ayahuasca will work with you and It’ll show you how beautiful you are.


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