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how to be resilient: give spinning a go.

TALKIN’ ‘BOUT YOUR TROUBLES IS IT A CRYIN’ SIN? CHOOSE mindfully those ones to TALK TO. finding a good listener can be a sweat. thou there are more than some around you. then look better.

This fall is just started. Do you feel in a good shape? Do you feel you need a better shape?

I am sharing my teamwork for the long winter that we will face together. They are cute, they are motivational and I say why not giving a try? You don’t need the 1.500,00 dollars bike. Do what you can here and now. Spinning will bring you the resilience that we need in this turmoil. And maybe your wardrobe will shine again lol

First positive and inspiring change: quit smoking. You can’t do spinning if you smoke NEVER and EVER.

So, do not tell me 150.00 dollars are TOO MUCH for a spinning bike. How much money do you put in tobacco?

Welcome to your first indoor session. Need some second hand lycra right now. To be frank, I have started this week with 20 minutes sessions

I am the boss lol

What you need : your new spinning bike bought online and DIY, a yoga mat (mind your neighbours), a towel and water battle. Cool music and Charming coach would be a bonus.

What do you do to better your resilience then? Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you all WP Readers !

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