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make an effort to motivate myself after announce of thousands fired co-workers.

Two days I have been shocked. It’s a few small shocks that we are going through here. A feeling of abandon, and the wound is reopening and maybe healing. I find myself telling me ‘Cmon you are old and grey, you have been through worse than that” without really convincing me.

A few things are helping me thou:

1 – self-care/body exercise : I offered me a spinning bike and I feel sorry for my neighbours, but I will be mindful with my sport schedules, I swear !!!!

2 – beauty : my skin care and eye lids are calling; I am 46 and I feel it.

3 – getting in touch with people: ex-co workers, friends and social media of course !!!!

4 – taking action: I needed to do that and I did it. A few opportunities are opening in my Company and I will go for it. It’s not the kind of promotion. What are we talking about? But a big blank is on the go and many activities will just STOP until May ???? I need to keep my mind busy and I am grateful that I have this door open. You will know if it is for the better.

This is my message for all Readers… Wish me Good luck. I will do likewise for you x

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