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phoenix support group for sexual trauma.

How to be a phoenix. Lose your friends. All of them. | by Kumara  Raghavendra | Fit Yourself Club

Sabrina is a beautiful soul that came into my IG life last week.

She is not only graduated in social sciences in the States and a Navy veteran but also one of sweetest Girls I ever met.

Despite being tough as steel she motivates you to speak up and join her group for counselling or just talking.

Sabrina sent me a loop in IG of nutritionists, mindfulness practitioners and intuitive ladies. You can reach me as Wonderwarrior74 and the Sabrina’s group stands up as the following:

afghanistan anger anxiety awareness belonging break down burn out combat stress coping with ptsd dark night of the soul depression emotional empath empathy fear highly sensitive person homecoming hsp meditation mental health mental illness mindfulness paris attacks post traumatic stress disorders psychological ptsd PTSD AWARENESS ptsd recovery PTSD STORYTELLING resilience sebastian junger self care self discovery self love self worth shell shock social anxiety spiritual awakening stress disorders trauma tribe veterans vets war vets yoga

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