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LEADS PTSI and resiliency with michael J. sugrue.

Thin Blue Line St. Michael | Diseño de ropa, Logotipos, Disenos de unas

You know Michael from my sidebar and his podcast #50 already maybe. He showed up in my ig today sharing his story on you tube. we can finally listen to his story looking at his blue eyes. btw today is saint michael’s celebration day. it was a long month with suicide prevention on social media. blue family is at honor today. you don’t need to have someone of the family to feel close to the blue line, if you agree. they are our guardian angels. I admit that part of my story is linked to cops and first-responders, in france, but i am getting more and more fond of stars and striped blue family. you can join anytime and the last one who comments holds the beers x

As a new police sergeant, Michael Sugrue encountered a situation that was not only tragic and surreal, but it was a call for duty that changed his life forever. He found himself in reckless abandon and on the verge of self-destruction until he mustered the courage to ask for help. This is a story on issues that prevent law enforcement professionals from seeking mental health services. Let’s change this conversation. Mental health should be available to all. Presenter: Sgt. Michael Sugrue (Retired)

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