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sabrina ciaciura – part 2, beautiful soul and navy veteran: welcome on board!

i am so much more than that…

She is from Minnesota, but her family name sounded familiar to me. I founded Sabrina on Instagram in mid-September, or am I allowed to say that she actually found Me!

When I told her that I had tears on my eyes she got surprised. Why that?

I confess that since I am active with veterans and first -responders, I am always dealing with men !!!! That’s fine, yes, I am completely fine with that ahaha !!!! They are handsome and troubled a mystic mix for a lady ahaha

This is not the point.

To be frank, I have been aware – back to serious – of assaults and harassement in the Army since I am reading alot about this topic from military. That’s also HOW I became aware of my PTSD.

This morning was crazy. The plan was zoom meeting at 7 am local time in Paris and 15 pm in Brisbane, Australia. Why not? I had a quick night sleep and felt nervous. Another me another time I would have sabotated. Who is this Sabrina? I was wondering. She is used to zoom people around the world and she is traveling around the world. What am I talking about?

What about me? The self-isolation and smart working makes me feel less secure and comfortable? Yep, a little.

To make it short, I finally had Sabrina on the screen (with my camera off) and the network was a crap !!!!! I could not understand a full single sentence of our nice conversation. But I could catch some keywords lol

Happily she speaks Italian very well and this helped me with general understanding. Now, I leave you here.

Just come as you are!

You can relate to Sabrina as a civilian or military or veteran, she agrees with being beyond Uniforms (yes, darling, don’t give a f*** what you are wearing during your work shifts!! and which color your hat!! aha). I have put her links in the Teamwork page of this website to introduce her as a Crew member.

You can zoom her for counseling or interviewing or just sing a song. She is multiskilled and polyvalent:)



Enjoy your day x

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