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amazing warriors Facebook Group is on the go.

Hi folks,

I am at first step of my web activity, and as author and writer, I am also at the start. Never mind, I am launching here the new group of mutual help taking inspiration from American Icons in this domain.

I am already on a few groups of support, as you know, and if you don’t, you can reach out this page:

It’s open to ALL needing a boost to carry on in everyday life. We might exchange recipes for a happier life or for an antiviral soup, which is not bad in these times.

It’s public, too. I am taking the guidelines of Behind the Badge. The Demons within run by Badge Tony who is a LAW Enforcement Officer.

He gave me the spark to stand up for myself. Feel free to join.

Spoiler : this group is created in order to be launched following the release of my first translated book “Amazon Warrior Vol. 1” in which you will find my story and 5 keys to self-development on and of course.

The translator is from Pennsylvania and he has been volounteering as firefighter during 2 years. Now he lives in Rome and got married with an Italian lady.

If you feel like my story resonates with yours, you will be more than welcome to share with me.

Second volume is also on the go, it includes some exclusive veterans interviews and will be released on 25th of December.

Both are my give back to First Responders and PTSD Awareness cause.

Not to miss, a percentage of sales will be donated to Warrior Spiritual Retreat, a project run by Sgt Dan Nevins, today yoga teacher. His project is made for building a community for veterans and their families in Florida.

More about it NEXT. Thank you all the Amazing Warriors who have been supporting me from the first post here.

BTW my pen name is Diana White Thunder-Moon.

I hope we can get to know each one better on Facebook.

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