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Home » suicide prevention: #2 Denial and self-sabotage.

suicide prevention: #2 Denial and self-sabotage.

#2 The hamster’s wheel.

You will never be able to catch your need for help until you do not break your bones. This was my journey. There is a breaking point different from each other. They call them C PTSD Complex. It’s never one trauma at the time. It’s a chinese box of traumas that make you loosing control of your drive. I felt like I was tested by bigger forces. Attacks were the most painful and tragic to overcome but, at least, they were collective; despite I felt lost and my life was falling apart, I had a couple of two more casualties in 2015 that I could recover. A serious road accident as witness and a neighbour’s breakdown (he failed to kill his wife and a cop). Each time I found myself begging on my knees praying this nightmare to stop. I was living my darkest night. My personal research started there. #parisattacks #panicattacks #posttraumatic #ptsdrecovery #suicideprevention #resilience#ptsdawareness #fightorflight #combatstress #homecoming #belonging #mentalhealthawareness #breakdown #burnoutrecovery #darknightofsoul

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