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Abandoned in Idlib – photographer JOHN WREFORD.

Quote of the day: “We cannot stop HATE but we can bring PEACE to our selves and our shelves.” Ouch, I am sharing this blogpost by John Wreford. This Syria thing is controversial. I avoid talking politics in my pages. I won’t give a bitcoin for Trump campaign lol I understand empathically what you are doing or you hope to do with your selfless and freelance photographer activity. You are showing, as direct witness, a reality which is far from Western World understanding. You are mirroring one part of my soul and that’s why I want to share it. I appreciate your effort to shout out Syrians as people behind the stigma of Global Terrorism. Ain’t it? If this is your intention I approve it. Except you can’t expect Western World is prepared or willing to know more about those stories. You are a rare soulful voice on this WP. Perhaps one of the bigger hearts that are running on this Earth at this moment. I know a few. The British men I am getting to know it seems like you are educated to heal the world. I can’t say it better. Maybe Lady D’s legacy? In my case, I choose to focus attention on Western World stories because a big healing is required here and a big social hypnosys is on … hearts and minds are being medicated … this is my cause. While you are looking Eastern, for whatever reason, I am looking nearby the Western. And what I see I don’t like either cases. But I love what you are doing. Especially the literary collection of Syrian authors. You are giving a voice to Eastern and Balkans in our Western society. Someone got to do that lol Where are the brave gone? I would say, they went to Damascus. And settled lol Good luck. Stay safe x Antonella x

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