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kevin naylor: a war with myself. ptsd: a war within.

My message to kevin on the group (open to public) Coping with PTSD:

The book we were waiting for .. I appreciate your intro, where you mention the statistiques and controversial yet pointless use of meds. great story of the soldier in the hole to start from. I share the same vision, I wish I was the second soldier. in my work I use the Minotaurus as image to represent wounded veterans. in the myth you enter the labyrinth to meet your true self and finally embrace the creature in the core. you don’t kill the monster. you embrace the demon that is still you. you could trascend. Thank you for sharing your story.

…………..To write about PTSD, to understand and learn, has all been part of the healing process, all part of my Relapse Prevention Plan.
Call it what you will, therapy, cathartic release, getting in touch with my tears, of which many have been shed. It has to be very close to showing remorse, to confessing my sins, to repent.

The six steps to building my relapse prevention plan are:
1. Identify my life history and lifestyle factors that add to my erratic behaviour.
2. Identify immediate high-risk factors.
3. Identify what I was thinking, feeling or doing during my change in behaviour, during my change in personality.
4. Identify what I will do to cope by using;
Skills learnt.
Support networks.
Lifestyle changes.
5. Identify what I will do if I lapse, how will I get back on track asap.
6. Identify how I will maintain my progress and stay free from any further irrational behaviour, Also, how I will meet my personal goals.

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